Praise the Lord!! My name is Biby Michael. I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. I'm writing this Testimony is for my brother, Abey and his wife Siji who are staying in Bahrain. They got married in September, 2013. They were worried about not having a child. On May 2016, I went to back home for my vacation and my mother told me about this and she told me to pray for your brother & sister-in-law. From there onwards I used to pray by seeing the Abhishekagni on YouTube and received many good signs from God. So I started praying with an Abhishekagni programme on YouTube to have a child for my brother and promised to give testimony by calling directly to the sehion centre. One day I got a call from my brother and he told me that he is going to be a father. God heard our prayer and my sister-in-law is pregnant and the doctor confirmed by middle of October, 2016. My brother told me that they have to go for a check up next week. So, last week I got another call from my sister-in-law and said that she is carrying twins. I believe this was God's miracle and his blessing to my family. My family and I thank God for blessing us. Thank you Jesus, Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah...
Testimony for my Brother and Sister-in-law
Biby Michael / Toronto, Canada | Tuesday, October 31, 2016
‘Praise the Lord’ My name is Anni. Staying in Miami, Florida. This Testimony is writing for my daughter Meril, who is staying in Madras with her husband and 5 1/2 years old daughter. They were worried about not having a second child. I used to pray by seeing the Abhishekagni in TV and received many gifts from God. So I started praying with Abhishekagni programme in TV to have a second child for my daughter and promised to give testimony during the retreat held in Washington DC in July 2016, if she becomes pregnant before that. God heard our prayer and she was pregnant just before the July’16 retreat. But I couldn’t give the testimony during the retreat and was told by the Volunteers, to send in writing. Accordingly I am sending this testimony, though it is delayed. Please read this Testimony in any of the coming retreats/ conventions. Praise to Lord, Thank you Jesus.
Testimony for my daughter, Meril
Anni Sakaria / 7301 NW 173 Dr, Miami FL | October 24, 2016
Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus. My name is Bindu from Sterling Heights, MI. I am writing this testimony to thank Jesus for the abundant grace he showered on my family. My daughter had a fracture on her lower leg after she tripped on a uneven pavement. She got 2 fractures on her main bone in her left lower leg. The doctor and the nurses at the emergency told us after looking at the X-ray and CT Scan that for the fractures she need a surgery on her lower leg to put still plates and screws to fix this fractures. While we were in the ER we were praying divine chaplet and watching Abhishekagni episode in the phone. During the adoration part of the episode. I put my hands on my daughters bone which got the fracture and prayed for her healing. We kept praying after coming home till we got appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. we got surgeon's appointment only after 3 days. i gave the blessed water to drink for my daughter which i got blessed at Washington DC Abhishekagni retreat in July 2016. When we met with the surgeon, the surgeon said, there is no need for surgery for the type of fracture she got right now. Doctor said we will try putting the leg brace and take rest with no walking for 6 weeks and check every week the healing by talking x-ray. I believe this was God's blessing on my family. My daughter who will be starting her college this September. By God's grace i believe she will be able to attend her college and will not miss any of the classes. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.
Testimony for my daughter
Bency & Bindu Vengachuvattil / Sterling Heights, MI | Mon, Jul 25, 2016
Praise the Lord!! My name is Suni.I currently reside in Atlanta, USA. I had been searching for a job for almost a year. A friend requested us to attend the 2015 abhishekagni in Orlando. I never had hopes and I was never interested in retreats but still I attended the retreat with my family. It was a wonderful experience for us. During my stay there, I felt the urge to pray for my Job. After the retreat, with in 15 days I got a job opportunity. After one month's training, I got the job. Now its been 2 weeks since I started. My family and I thank God for blessing us.
Testimony Regarding Job
Suni Merin Mathew / Atlanta, USA | Sun, Mar 20, 2016
Praise the Lord!! My name is Ansu. I currently reside in Seattle, USA. I got sick with Rheumatic Arthritis in Feb 2015, went on medication, nothing helped, pain was getting worse. We attended the 2015 Abhishekagni in Columbus. We prayed deeply and I promised will give testimony. Vattayil achan prayed for me. After retreat, I have no pain. Next week, I went back to my rheumatologist, performed all blood tests, no autoimmune factors in blood, confirmed I have no disease. Doctor was surprised. He told that I don’t need any medications. Thank you Lord!
Testimony Regarding Arthritis
Ansu Antony / Seattle, USA | Mon, Jul 18, 2016

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